Article (Smart Cities Connect)

Newsletter > Smart Cities Connect On the Virtual Road: Smart Cities Connect ARTICLES This past month TerraGo was lucky enough to join some of the industry’s leading organizations and individuals at the Virtual Smart Cities & Utilities conference. There were hundreds of city leaders in attendance, and dozens of speakers who were some of the … Continue reading Article (Smart Cities Connect)

Article (Ben Chadbourne)

Newsletter > Ben Chadbourne Meet the Team: Ben Chadbourne ARTICLES TerraGo is pleased to introduce the newest member of our Smart Cities & Utilities team, Ben Chadbourne! Ben joined TerraGo as a Smart Cities & Utilities Sales Engineer.Ben has a strong background in streetlights, smart city infrastructure, and project management, and  has direct experience managing … Continue reading Article (Ben Chadbourne)

Article (City of Chicago)

Newsletter > City of Chicago Customer Story: City of Chicago ARTICLES The nation’s largest city-led lighting initiative is replacing over 270,000 outdated high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures with new energy-efficient LED lights and creating a modern lighting management system to streamline maintenance and repairs.   Ameresco, the prime contractor has already completed over 250,000 … Continue reading Article (City of Chicago)

Article (On-Demand Lighting)

Newsletter > On-Demand Lighting Control Feature Spotlight: On-Demand Lighting Control ARTICLES A crew rolls out to an outage location and can't find the streetlight on the work order, or they find several lights and say “I don’t know which light they’re talking about”?   They likely just release the work order and have it reassigned … Continue reading Article (On-Demand Lighting)