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IoT can change the way we manage cities and utilities.
You need a way to manage loT.

IoTOps Explainer Video

With the rise of IoT solutions, comes new challenges. 

Learn about the ways in which IoT changes the way we manage cities and utilities.

TerraGo IoTOps

We designed our IoT operations platform working closely with the industry’s leading cities and utilities to help them successfully deploy, manage and get the most out of their solutions powered by IoT.

TerraGo StreetlightOps

With over 5 million streetlights under management, TerraGo StreelightsOps is the industry’s clear choice and most trusted solution for the world’s leading cities and utilities.

Leverage an IoT Operations Center

TerraGo delivers a digital infrastructure so you can manage your assets from a single pane of glass, enabling on-demand monitoring and automated maintenance to drive efficiency, accelerate energy savings and lower operating expenses.

Custom IoT Operations Applications

The IoTOps platform means TerraGo can configure custom applications without writing custom code, helping cities and utilities deploy solutions tailored to their operations and systems more easily than ever. From air quality sensors to smart streetlights, from planning to maintenance, TerraGo applications manage the entire life-cycle of IoT devices to deliver results from start to finish.


Custom by Design

With hundreds of custom IoT applications published to date, TerraGo leverages our low-code IoTOps platform to deploy solutions that work the way you work, and interface seamlessly with your back-office systems. Your TerraGo IoT solution looks, feels and works like it was designed for your organization, because it was.