GeoPDF ® Products

TerraGo invented the groundbreaking technology behind PDF® maps, created open standards and continues delivering innovation with GeoPDF® today

Our Heroes Salute GeoPDF


Create and share interactive maps and powerful applications that end users anywhere can utilize with free, universally available software.


Create 2D & 3D GeoPDF maps & mapbooks; convert any PDF-based map into a geo-referenced, interactive GeoPDF application; create 3D GeoPDF models from elevation and geospatial raster data.


GeoPDF Toolbar® is a free plug-in for Adobe® Reader® that enables users to access, update and share GeoPDF® maps and imagery.

BAE’s GeoPDF Products

Maximize the value of Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP)® and deliver actionable imagery with powerful interactive, 2D and 3D GeoPDF collaboration tools for end users anywhere and any device with universally available free software. Don’t lose your valuable GEOINT with static maps or PowerPoints, preserve and share your geospatial data with TerraGo GeoPDF.

GeoPDF Gallery

Over 2,000 customers rely on TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery to provide easy access and geospatial collaboration capabilities to non-GIS professionals.

To get full use out of GeoPDF samples, download the free GeoPDF Toolbar® to view on a Windows Desktop and download the TerraGo Edge mobile app to view on an iOS or Android mobile device.