GeoPDF Composer

Create 2D & 3D GeoPDF® Maps and Mapbooks
Convert any PDF-based map into a geo-registered, interactive GeoPDF application; create 3D GeoPDF models from elevation and geospatial raster data; tile and mosaic maps into interactive mapbooks.
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GeoPDF 2D Composer

Transform Any PDF Map into Interactive GeoPDF Maps

Create portable, interactive GeoPDF maps and imagery, mapbooks and other applications that combine geospatial data, business logic, web services and other features into mission-critical location intelligence products that support information gathering, deliver situational awareness and drive decision-making across modern enterprises.

GeoPDF 3D Composer

Deliver 3D Location Intelligence

Create 3D GeoPDF® models that can be easily accessed and shared by people without advanced training or complex software systems. Users can take LiDAR point clouds, digital elevation models, imagery and 3D PDF models and create dynamic, interactive, three-dimensional TerraGo GeoPDF models.

Quickly and Easily Create GeoPDF Mapbooks

GeoPDF Composer enables Adobe Acrobat users to create portable, interactive GeoPDF maps, mapbooks and other geospatial applications


any PDF-based Map with geospatial coordinates


Many Multi-Layer GeoPDF Maps into a GeoPDF Mapbook


a single Index Map with map tiles of the entire geographic area


Comprehensive Digital Mapbooks & Atlases with field personnel

Create GeoPDF Mapbooks, Accessible by Anyone, Anywhere with Adobe Reader

Share GeoPDF mapbooks with anyone with the free
Adobe Reader software, without needing specialized geospatial training or complex GIS software.

Transform any PDF Map into a Geo-Registered Digital GeoPDF Map

Turn old paper maps or pictures of traditional maps into fully-funtioning digital GeoPDF maps by embedding geospatial coordinates and adding location metadata.
Easily Create Digital Mapbooks and Atlases
Quickly compile thousands of complex, multi-layer GeoPDF maps into a GeoPDF mapbook, covering vast geographic areas.

GeoPDF Mapbook
Index Map

Pan & Zoom Seamlessly Across Multiple GeoPDF Maps

Mapbooks automatically include hyperlinks to adjacent maps so field personnel can conveniently navigate across multiple maps within one GeoPDF Mapbook.


Share GeoPDF Mapbooks with Offline Users

Optimize GeoPDF mapbooks to fully function on laptops, tablets and mobile devices – without requiring internet connectivity.
Implement an Industry Proven GIS Workflow

1,500+ Customers in over 70 Countries and All 50 US States Depend on TerraGo to Share GeoPDF Maps with users without GIS training.

Create Portable, Interactive GeoPDF Maps and Imagery

Convert Any PDF Map into Geo-Registered Digital Map and Create GeoPDF Mapbooks

Provide GEOINT to Anyone, Anywhere and Collaborate with Non-GIS Users