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Your field operations need more than a generic mobile form, multi-industry field service or data collection tool. They require a modern, mobile, cloud-based SaaS solution built for the future grid. TerraGo integrates distributed grid assets, IoT sensors and back office systems to transform field operations, increase energy savings, reduce carbon footprint, minimize downtime and lower operations expenses.

(Article) Meet Keith Tyson

Newsletter > Meet the Team Meet the Team: Keith Tyson ARTICLES Keith joins TerraGo with a background in the utility and municipal industry.  For almost 25 years, Keith was involved in business development with utility rate/tariff auditing, demand response initiatives, and electric and gas contract development. His work with municipal streetlighting systems included audits for … Continue reading (Article) Meet Keith Tyson

(Article) ROI Analytics Dashboard

Newsletter > Product Spotlight Product Spotlight: ROI Analytics Dashboard ARTICLES The global streetlight industry is undergoing a global conversion because the massive energy savings, carbon footprint reductions and lower maintenance expenses provide a clear-cut business case that fuels investment.  At TerraGo, we’ve been working with customers to help them achieve these goals faster and more … Continue reading (Article) ROI Analytics Dashboard

(Article) SCEWC in Barcelona and DTech

Newsletter > SCEWC in Barcelona and Distributech On the Road: SCEWC in Barcelona and Distributech ARTICLES TerraGo is finally back on the road! And it’s great to reconnect in person at the industry’s biggest events.  In November, we were lucky enough to be able to attend the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, the … Continue reading (Article) SCEWC in Barcelona and DTech

(Article) New Streetlights in the Old Dominion

Newsletter > Customer Spotlight Customer Spotlight: New Streetlights in the Old Dominion ARTICLES Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with over 7 million customers relying on them for energy, Dominion Energy takes their responsibility to the community very seriously. A leader in the clean energy transition, they focus on providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy to their … Continue reading (Article) New Streetlights in the Old Dominion

Article (Reduce Truck Rolls with Smart Streetlight Operations)

Newsletter > Reduce Truck Rolls Product Spotlight: Reduce Truck Rolls ARTICLES A crew puts the wrong fixture on the wrong pole. A networked light fails commissioning, so it doesn’t work. A day crew answers a 311 call but can’t figure out which light is out. There are thousands of reasons for re-rolling trucks. They’re costing … Continue reading Article (Reduce Truck Rolls with Smart Streetlight Operations)

Article (Smart Cities Connect Webinar)

Newsletter > Webinar and Upcoming Events On the Road: Webinar and Upcoming Events ARTICLES This past week, TerraGo joined Smart Cities Connect to host a brand new informative webinar: “Avoiding Smart Street Lighting Pitfalls”. It’s well-known and agreed upon that smart street lighting programs are delivering massive energy savings and laying the foundation for a … Continue reading Article (Smart Cities Connect Webinar)

Article (Smart Cities Connect)

Newsletter > Smart Cities Connect On the Virtual Road: Smart Cities Connect ARTICLES This past month TerraGo was lucky enough to join some of the industry’s leading organizations and individuals at the Virtual Smart Cities & Utilities conference. There were hundreds of city leaders in attendance, and dozens of speakers who were some of the … Continue reading Article (Smart Cities Connect)