TerraGo CityOps

Smart City Operations

TerraGo brings your smart city operations into view, helping you manage assets, people and operations from a single pane of glass.

CityOps is a field-proven, future-proof platform that helps cities make the leap from legacy infrastructure and manual processes to smart devices, connected field crews, automated workflows and paperless operations.

Join London, Chicago, Glasgow, Philadelphia, Vancouver and other leading global cities that trust TerraGo to manage millions of sensors and usher in a new age of smart city operations.

Smart Means Integrated

The great news is that cities have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the multitude of infrastructure sensors to work smarter, transform operations, save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The bad news is too many cities end up deploying vendor technology silos that don’t even talk to their back-office systems, let alone to one another.

CityOps seamlessly integrates multi-vendor devices and back-office systems with field crew workflows to truly transform operations.

Smart Means Results

Too often, smart city projects live and die as a pilot or proof of concept, with no long-term benefits. For those cities ready to truly transform their operational performance, CityOps stands ready to deliver the bottom-line results that matter most.

CityOps accelerates smart city sensor deployments, improves efficiency, increases energy savings, lowers expenses, decreases response times and reduces carbon footprint.

Trusted by leading global cities like Chicago, London, Glasgow, Vancouver
and Philadelphia with over 6 million smart city assets under management.