GeoPDF Mobile

Enable field personnel to work with GeoPDF maps on mobile devices, even offline without a connection, providing mission-critical geospatial collaboration even in the most remote terrains and hostile conditions.

Native Features

GeoPDF Mobile for iOS or Android allows users to view maps, see their location, navigate, record and share observations with other users, all with the performance and usability you’d expect from a native map. 

Work with Maps Offline

Even when you’re off the grid, you can utilize GeoPDF maps and app features with your real-time GPS position to navigate, record and share observations, allowing you to automatically sync data with other users when you rejoin the network. 

Add Forms, Photos and Videos

Capture rich geo-tagged content as points, lines or polygons and map your field observations to share with other users, geospatial platforms and back-office systems 


Enable turn-by-turn directions using Google Maps on Android or Apple Maps on iOS. You can also use waypoints to find any point of interest, even without an address or off the grid.

Base Maps for Any Mission

Select from a variety of offline and online maps including GeoPDF, Apple, Google, USGS, OpenStreetMap, Stamen, CartoDB and more.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

If your organization needs an application tailored to your operations, workflows, forms and back-office systems, TerraGo can deliver a private-cloud solution utilizing our low-code platform, giving you the benefits of customization without the complexity of custom coding.