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Product Spotlight: Put Your Back Into It

Your back-office systems are, well, back at the office. Your crews are in the field doing the work. It’s time they came together. 

Some of our customers’ most amazing performance improvements are made possible because TerraGo field software integrates and analyzes cross-platform “back-office” data. To optimize streetlight operations, TerraGo seamlessly integrates data across the lighting CMS, GIS, CRM, asset management, billing systems and more. This data is analyzed by TerraGo algorithms that dynamically generate the most efficient and productive work order plans according to customer-defined business rules.

With proper system integration, alerts about streetlight problems can automatically generate and prioritize work orders. These orders include full information on the history, nature and cause of the problem, as well as the precise location. This can eliminate time-wasting manual back-office processes and accelerate dispatch, while also ensuring that the correct set of skills, tools and parts are present on every truck roll. 

Chicago’s StreetlightOps system has been selected for a Smart 50 Award and a 2022 World Smart City Award for being one of the largest, most reliable and efficient smart city infrastructure management systems in the world. This success is enabled by integrating and analyzing cross-platform data to empower automated operational decisions that deliver the highest levels of performance.  Our Chicago system synchronizes and sifts through all the data-driven events, including network outage alarms, citizen service requests, crew resource assignments and dynamic operational  priorities. It analyzes each alarm or request, prioritizes repairs, groups work orders geographically, optimizes routes, eliminates redundant requests and consolidates related tickets.  

The result is nothing short of  transformational in terms of improved performance, reliability, 311 responsiveness and lower costs.  At Smart City World Expo in Barcelona, it was called a global model for the future of smart city operations.  Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot added, “I am grateful to TerraGo [for] helping us to earn this award and set the standard for streetlight operations systems.”

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