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Our Mission

Deliver GEOINT between national systems and field operations for any mission, anywhere on the planet.

Our Heroes Salute GeoPDF

Share your GEOINT with GeoPDF

America’s warfighters are the best in the world, but they’re not GIS experts. When they need actionable GEOINT, TerraGo delivers.


Over 10 years ago, the US Army Geospatial Center embraced GeoPDF to convert complex geospatial data sets into easy-to-use map products that can be exploited by all users with free software, even when they’re off the grid.


The NGA provides the GEOINT that decision makers, warfighters and first responders need, when they need it most. TerraGo helps the NGA make GEOINT accessible to all end users, so they don’t need proprietary software or extensive training.

Special Ops

The SpecOps environment means operators can’t always have connectivity to national systems. But they still have the requirement to where the good guys and bad guys are located. TerraGo helps with, 2D and 3D GeoPDF maps, mapbooks and mobile apps.

Homeland Security

Federal government emergency management and preparedness agencies depend on TerraGo field reporting and GeoPDF solutions to, deliver valuable GEOINT to field operators and to collaborate with partner agencies before, during and after disasters to reduce impact and accelerate recovery.

Maritime Forces

Limited by low bandwidth and cyber threats, sailors aboard even the most advanced aircraft carriers in the world rely upon data, images, and products that are produced and prepackaged elsewhere. The Navy relies on TerraGo GeoPDF to provide critical linkages between GEOINT-related systems, products and processes.


TerraGo is proud to partner with BAE to give both our customers the best quality software application experience possible.