GeoPDF Toolbar

Collaborate with GeoPDF Maps & Mapbooks

A free plug-in for Adobe Reader that allows anyone to access, update and share GeoPDF maps and imagery.

Extend the Reach of your GIS Infrastructure

GeoPDF Toolbar Enable GIS-driven organizations to share GEO-PDF maps and Mapbooks with over 800 million Adobe Reader users


GeoPDF Maps & Mapbooks Anywhere, even Offline


GeoPDFs with Audio, Video, Photos, Notes & Multimedia


with Internal Execs, External Stakeholders & Outside Organizations


Field Updates, Data & GeoPDF Maps with Headquarters
Continuously Access GeoPDF Maps in Remote, Offline Locations
Unlike solutions that require connectivity to work, GeoPDF-based solutions deliver full functionality in bandwidth-restricted and off-the-grid environments – because your work doesn’t stop when the network does.
Allow Users to Embed Hyperlinks, Photos & More
Measure distance and area or add GeoMarks to capture field information with stamps, geoforms, notes, photos, video and other multimedia.







Need to Push the GeoPDF Toolbar to Users on Your Network?

Empower your organization’s users and network with Toolbar. Many organizations benefit from utilizing GeoPDF Toolbar by distributing and keeping their systems up-to-date. GeoPDF Toolbar distribution plans allow IT administrators to push Toolbar to online and offline workstations. Contact us to learn about how to share Toolbar with your enterprise.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

GeoPDF maps provide peers, colleagues and outside organizations with a common operating picture to support collaborative decision making, while preventing access to layers that should remain confidential.

Make Informed Decisions with Timely, Real World Data from Field Personnel

Collect on-the-ground intelligence and roundtrip the data back to the GIS system of record, allowing GIS managers, analysts and executives to make better, faster decisions.

Implement an Industry Proven GIS Workflow

1,500+ Customers in over 70 Countries and All 50 US States Depend on TerraGo to Share GeoPDF Maps with users without GIS training.

Create Portable, Interactive GeoPDF Maps and Imagery

Convert Any PDF Map into Geo-Registered Digital Map and Create GeoPDF Mapbooks

Provide GEOINT to Anyone, Anywhere and Collaborate with Non-GIS Users