TerraGo Named Finalist in Itron Smart Cities Challenge

TerraGo Named Finalist in Itron Smart Cities Challenge

Itron’s Smart City Challenge invited IoT solution providers to compete in developing breakthrough solutions to address specific challenges defined by Glasgow and London. TerraGo submitted two different proposals and prototypes; both were named finalists in the competition.

As one of the world’s top sporting cities and a major destination for conferences and concerts, the City of Glasgow frequently attracts large crowds of visitors, bringing challenges of traffic, noise and safety.

For Glasgow, TerraGo submitted an on-demand traffic management solution that enabled authorized personnel to manage traffic flows based on real-time observations and human-in-the-loop assessment of traffic and safety priorities.

For the City of London, the challenge centered around improving public safety along the Thames associated with river entries. For London, TerraGo developed a prototype that enabled police to brighten and illuminate search areas to assist investigation and rescue operations.

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