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Product Spotlight: ROI Analytics Dashboard

The global streetlight industry is undergoing a global conversion because the massive energy savings, carbon footprint reductions and lower maintenance expenses provide a clear-cut business case that fuels investment.  At TerraGo, we’ve been working with customers to help them achieve these goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.   As a result, our city and utility customers have been telling us for years how TerraGo StreetlightOps itself delivers real savings that are measurable and undeniable.  We had one customer explain how a single feature, on-demand lighting control on the mobile app, saves them over a million dollars per year in night patrols and nighttime contractor crews. Stories like these drove us to find a way to help our customers with an analytics solution that measures, in a highly configurable and accurate way, the savings they’re getting from both the smart LED lights AND from StreetlightOps. 

Today, our analytics platform helps our customers measure precisely the energy, carbon footprint, operations and maintenance savings they’re realizing from smart lighting, enabled by their networked lighting controls, and smart streetlight operations, enabled by TerraGo StreetlightOps. And like every TerraGo software solution, it’s entirely configurable so you get results customized to your operations, cost centers and infrastructure. While we’ve had customers tell us we have saved them from $500,000 to over $10 million per year with our TerraGo StreetlightOps software, the only numbers that matter are yours.

• What are my smart LED streetlights actually saving me each month, each year?

• Are my lights being correctly and accurately billed with each conversion? 

• Are my contractors keeping up with the project schedule and the savings assumptions that drove the plan?

• If I convert 200 more lights per week, how much will my energy savings increase over the year?

• How is StreetligthOps increasing my energy savings, reducing my operations and maintenance expenses or reducing my carbon footprint?  

These answers are literally a click away with our analytics ROI dashboard.  Click here to schedule a demo. 

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