(Article) New Streetlights in the Old Dominion

(Article) New Streetlights in the Old Dominion

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Customer Spotlight: New Streetlights in the Old Dominion

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with over 7 million customers relying on them for energy, Dominion Energy takes their responsibility to the community very seriously. A leader in the clean energy transition, they focus on providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy to their customers. With the help of TerraGo’s StreetlightOps software, crews are deploying smart street lighting, replacing old legacy high pressure sodium streetlights with smart LED fixtures. 

Crews utilize the TerraGo app on smart phones and tablets to navigate to streetlight poles and instantly capture the LED fixture information, uploading it to the TerraGo cloud server, automatically recording attributes like wattage, lamp type and device warranty information that will be essential for future maintenance activities. They also instantly scan the Acuity photocontrols, enabling TerraGo to securely commission them on the Itron network. With TerraGo, Dominion Energy’s data integrity is consistently maintained by eliminating manual data entry and using real-time validation, GPS-based proximity verification and other quality controls to ensure asset data elements are integrated across systems, captured automatically and tagged correctly to the right streetlight poles, fixtures and locations. 

TerraGo helps Dominion streamline the smart streetlighting deployment and maintenance process which enables Dominion to help communities to realize their smart city goals faster, accelerate energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint. TerraGo is proud to partner with Dominion Energy to support their smart streetlighting program and realize their clean energy vision for all their communities.

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