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Meet the Team: Noah Condon

Noah Condon is an exceptional Project Management professional who has led telecommunications, smart streetlighting and smart grid projects for several years, acquiring deep expertise in deployment and maintenance of a myriad of IoT devices, sensors and network solutions.

Noah’s career started in Secure Wireless Mesh for the Armed Forces, in particular in the CAICI program. While there, he worked in Software Engineering, Customer Services, and eventually manufacturing. From there, he moved into the Cable and Broadcast industry as a Project Manager and Manager of the Professional Services team. They did FCC compliance via digital long term storage and real time analysis of live broadcast, as well as being one the first companies to do live clipping for social media while the events were still happening. His customers ranged from all NBC stations in the US, CNN, NATO, Aljazeera, NYC DA, Fox, and Verizon’s AD Division

 After that, Noah moved into Smart cities, where he worked for two control manufacturers. At the first, he was the Lead Project Manager for all deployments and at the second he was the Senior Project Manager for the East Coast. At the second company, Noah had over 80 projects and managed the company’s first roll out of AI based cameras on streetlights for parking detection, near miss tracking, pedestrian tracking, and illegal dumping.

Noah lives in Southern Massachusetts with his two daughters, his wife, and their dog Izzy. Most of his time is taken up by his girls (about to be 2 and 4), spending as much time in the pool with them and Lauren as possible, teaching the oldest to fish, and having get-togethers with their families.


Favorite Food: Carbonara (served with the egg not mixed in)

Favorite Sports Teams: Patriots! But really all Boston sports are the best

Favorite Musician/Band: The Heavy

Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Dream Vacation Spot: Maldives

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