Quick Summary

In an effort to make their city smarter and more sustainable, the Surrey City Council put together a three year plan to see around 89,000 streetlamps replaced or retrofitted with energy efficient LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). This plan is expected to save around 7,700 tons of carbon emissions per year, and deliver expected energy savings of around 60 percent.

To accomplish this major project, Surrey City Council partnered with smart city solutions provider, Urban Control, and contractor, Skanska who utilized TerraGo StreetlightOps software to manage the deployment.  The TerraGo software automated the commissioning of networked lighting controllers to an upgraded CMS, thereby offering an intelligent solution that has the capacity to grow and adapt to the Council’s ongoing needs. 

With the sensor-ready lighting and upgraded CMS installed, Surrey County Council will have access to data that enables them to better manage the county’s lighting in terms of safety, energy use and maintenance – as well as enabling potential efficiencies across a host of other areas, including traffic control, air quality, environmental monitoring and flood management. Additionally, the system is scalable and can be readily adapted to other applications as future needs require.