Itron will Bundle TerraGo Streetlights with Industry-Leading SLV

Itron will Bundle TerraGo Streetlights with Industry-Leading SLV

The news from Itron says it all… and we couldn’t be happier to launch this global partnership to help communities deploy and manage Itron’s intelligent street lighting solution.  

However, it’s not like we’re starting from scratch.  We’ve been collaborating with Itron for some time, integrating customer systems with SLV and successfully helping some of the world’s leading organizations and biggest projects work smarter and faster than they ever had before.   

From the world’s biggest city-led project in Chicago, to our award-winning work in Toronto, the first full chain of custody streetlight solution (as far as we know) with ComEd, to London, Jamaica, Rhode Island and many others, our collaboration with Itron has consistently produced success that translates into greater energy savings, lower project costs and reduced O&M expenses. 

As Dave said in his quote, it’s not like we just started, but rather we’ve only just begun.  

“We have a successful track record of collaboration with Itron, integration with SLV and operationally-proven results with Itron customers, and we are thrilled to officially be included with Itron’s intelligent streetlighting solution. With SLV:GO, cities and utilities can dramatically enhance the return on their streetlighting investment with clear, measurable results.” 

— Dave Basil, President & CEO, TerraGo