Reduce Truck Rolls with StreetlightOps

Reduce Truck Rolls with StreetlightOps

A crew puts the wrong fixture on the wrong pole. A networked light fails commissioning, so it doesn’t work. A day crew answers a 311 call but can’t figure out which light is out. There are thousands of reasons for re-rolling trucks. They’re costing you dearly. And you don’t need to live with it anymore.

With TerraGo StreetlightOps, you can build workflows with quality control and validation rules to prevent costly mistakes. You can consolidate related outages into a single work order to eliminate redundant service calls.  You can use logic to route work orders to the correct crew, e.g. construction vs. repairs vs. contractor-maintained service areas. TerraGo StreetlightOps prevents errors and helps crews get the job done right the first time.

Today’s smart lighting central management systems (CMS) have the data and intelligence to help crews work smarter. But they need mobile applications that give that power to them. TerraGo Streetlight Ops “operationalizes” the CMS to extend that intelligence and transform operations.  Take the City of Chicago, for example, the new system’s intelligence enables them to focus work order routing for circuit-based outages that affect multiple lights. With TerraGo, the City successfully routed over 200 “All Outs” over a few days which led to restoration of approximately 2,000 actual lights out and resolution of over 500 individual citizen calls, far exceeding any past service levels, completion rates or restoration times. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Automated consolidation and de-duplication of work orders originating from 311, SLV and dispatch
  • Proactive outage restoration work orders and reduced reliance on 311 calls
  • Geographic distribution of tickets based on proximity
  • More efficient and priority ticket routing
  • Automated the creation and assignment of Salesforce ticket numbers vs. manual entry
  • Provides geospatial view of current outages and restoration activity
  • Advanced routing reduces the lost time driving between locations, increases number of repairs in a day
  • Automatic field updates to circuitry assets, location and condition
  • Self-healing data across systems as data changes in the field are applied to SLV, GIS, 311 and billing
  • Receive mobile failure alerts with work orders, 311 ticket data, GIS location and circuitry information
  • Eliminates paper-based operations and reduces delays in updating work orders
  • Alerts contractors about issues on their maintained circuits to reduce duplicate truck rolls