Meet Ben Chadbourne

Meet Ben Chadbourne

TerraGo is pleased to introduce the newest member of our Smart Cities & Utilities team, Ben Chadbourne! Ben joined TerraGo as a Smart Cities & Utilities Sales Engineer.

Ben has a strong background in streetlights, smart city infrastructure, and project management, and  has direct experience managing SLV and consulting clients on energy savings best practices.  Ben has worked on all aspects of a streetlight program including design, implementation, management, system integration, driving O&M efficiencies, material requisitioning, analyzing/reporting, and much more. He also has field experience, directly working with electrical utility contractors to define/optimize field crew processes.

Although he’s new to working at TerraGo, Ben has had a relationship with the company for years now, through our partnership with Ameresco, where Ben was a project coordinator. At Ameresco, he worked closely with TerraGo on their smart street lighting projects, which they were using TerraGo’s software to complete. TerraGo and Ameresco even won a Smart 50 Award together for their joint work on the Richmond Hill smart street lighting conversion project.

But besides being a great project manager, what else is there to know about Ben Chadbourne? Here’s a little more about him so that you all can get to know Ben better:

Favorite Food: Butter Tarts

Favorite Sports Teams: Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Canadians  

Favorite Musician/Band: Eminem

Favorite Movie: 2 Fast 2 Furious

Dream Vacation Spot: Bora Bora