Keep your Lights On

Keep your Lights On

The new maintenance features in TerraGo Streetlights puts powerful new tools at the fingertips of the workers that need it most. Instead of flying blind, doing a glove test or running through a series of manual procedures, workers can now use an app to quickly and safely resolve outages and issues.

A growing number of smart utilities and cities are giving their workers TerraGo Streetlights maintenance applications to improve service, customer satisfaction and productivity. The idea is simply to give field crews better information and more control so they can fix problems faster than ever. Now instead of being forced to call up the utilities control center to turn on streetlights, access outage logs, obtain meter data or troubleshoot issues, field technicians can use the phone in their pocket to tap directly into the powerful features of smart city platforms, like Itron’s SLV, empowering them to diagnose and solve problems on the spot.

The latest version of TerraGo Streetlights gives field crews access to new maintenance features, directly on their mobile devices, including the ability to:

  • View failure reports, outage status, full history and updates directly from Itron’s SLV
  • Control one or more lights in real-time based on user-defined parameters
  • Access real-time meter readings for one or more lights to help isolate and troubleshoot issues
  • Utilize self-guided diagnostics to identify and resolve issues quickly based on the type of failure and interactive, step-by-step answers
  • Follow simple remove and replace node workflows with automated updates to SLV
  • If you have a few minutes, check out this quick demo video.