TerraGo IoT Cyber Security

Manage full chain of custody for IoT assets
and monitor cyber risk.

Cyber Asset Intelligence

Extends to the devices at the edge of
smart utility and smart city networks….
And beyond.

Full Chain of Custody and Cyber Risk Mitigation

Smart devices and sensors include networking components and credentials, they represent mission-critical cyber assets and need to be managed accordingly. TerraGo helps customers manage critical infrastructure management at a device level.

Track Smart Devices From Cradle to Grave

TerraGo helps utilities securely track IoT devices from manufacture to deployment and secure disposition, providing a full chain of custody view of devices, locations and operational status.

IoT Threat Intelligence

TerraGo provides dynamic and continuous threat intelligence collection for each IOT cyber assets. With each device added, TerraGo initiates external threat and risk monitoring based on advanced device profiles, scanning both open sources and the
Dark Web and uses natural language processing and machine
learning to identify relevant threats to your network.
Award-Winning Innovation for IoT