Dominion Energy’s Vision for the Future of Smart Street Lighting

Dominion Energy’s Vision for the Future of Smart Street Lighting

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with over 7 million customers relying on them for energy, Dominion Energy takes their responsibility to the community very seriously. A leader in the clean energy transition, they focus on providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy to their customers. With the help of TerraGo’s StreetlightOps software, they are expanding their smart, clean energy initiative into a smart street lighting project.

Dominion installs, owns, operates, and maintains most of the estimated 58,000 streetlights in Fairfax County, VA, and is in the process of replacing the old legacy high pressure sodium streetlights with “smart” LEDS that include a wireless network controller. Using StreetlightOps helps them deliver massive energy savings, while also laying the groundwork for smart city applications. Dominion’s field crews are using TerraGo’s technology to automate, accelerate, and improve the efficiency of streetlight maintenance work, converting thousands of legacy fixtures to smart LED.

With all of the changes this project brings, Dominion will be able to improve the lives of their citizens while also cutting costs. The new LED bulbs consume 50% less energy than the old sodium bulbs, and the added controllers can decrease energy consumption to 80%. StreetlightOps helps Dominion keep project costs low and their timeline on track by allowing them to streamline the smart streetlight deployment and maintenance process.

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