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Customer Story: City of Chicago

The nation’s largest city-led lighting initiative is replacing over 270,000 outdated high pressure sodium (HPS) light fixtures with new energy-efficient LED lights and creating a modern lighting management system to streamline maintenance and repairs.   Ameresco, the prime contractor has already completed over 250,000 installations utilizing the TerraGo StreetlightOps application to commission smart lights on the Itron SLV network. 

As the deployment enters its final phase, maintenance operations are already in full gear.  The city is taking full advantage of the new smart lighting capabilities to overcome the limitations of the prior operations, manual procedures, paper forms and legacy systems.  The city wanted to leverage the network, the intelligence and the data to work smarter and drive new levels of efficiencies.   

Today, TerraGo StreetlightOps sits at the nexus of a modern lighting operations system, helping connect the city’s lighting, 311 and work management platforms to achieve efficiencies never before possible.  Dave Reyes, City of Chicago, shared “TerraGo helps keep all the systems in sync.  311 has to be hand-in-glove with work orders, GIS, SLV.  This integration helps us work smarter, reduce the number of work orders and improve response times to outages.  Terrago helped us resolve 120 all-outs in one day which would have been impossible before TerraGo.”  

By integrating systems to share data, the solution connects people to information that helps them work smarter.   Everybody benefits.

  • Citizens: proactive outage restorations and improved service on 311 calls
  • Network Managers: automatic generation of service tickets from SLV generated failure reports
  • DEO Dispatchers: automatic creation and assignment of Salesforce ticket numbers and advanced routing reduces the lost time driving between locations, increases number of repairs in a day
  • Engineers: automatic field updates to circuitry assets location and condition, now data quality is self-healing as data changes in the field update the databases
  • Maintenance Work Crews: receive mobile failure alerts with work orders, 311 ticket data, GIS location and circuitry information, with no paper forms and no delays in updating work orders
  • Contractors: automated alerts about issues on their maintained circuits which reduces duplicate truck rolls 

As the City of Chicago nears completion of its smart lighting rollout, they have already seized the opportunity to transform their streetlighting operations, leveraging the power of data to unlock efficiencies and lay the foundation for smarter city services.

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