AI-Machine Learning: The Future of Streetlight Surveys

AI-Machine Learning: The Future of Streetlight Surveys

Imagine if you could instantly do a digital survey of your city or utility’s streetlight infrastructure without leaving the office. What if you could completely automate the process of surveying and mapping your streetlight infrastructure using AI? It sounds like a dream, but it’s actually a reality today, thanks to TerraGo’s software engineering team. 

For years, cities and utilities have been spending millions of dollars on audits that are done by survey firms, with contractor crews driving or walking around to collect data on streetlight poles and streetlights. This process is time-consuming and expensive, making it a significant barrier for many municipalities and utilities who recognize the poor data quality of their existing streetlight records. And like all manual data entry, it’s prone to errors and omissions.  Some areas of a city, a suburb, or a remote rural terrain are difficult to survey, producing poor data quality or a large volume of missing records. Some cities and utilities are missing tens of thousands of streetlights, causing numerous pain points, operational inefficiencies, billing errors, lost revenue and increasing maintenance expenses. With TerraGo’s AI machine learning algorithms, this can be a thing of the past.

TerraGo is revolutionizing the way streetlights are identified and maintained, with its innovative use of aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms. The company’s cutting-edge software platform uses advanced algorithms to scan aerial imagery and automatically detect streetlight poles, differentiating them from other similar assets, like non-streetlight utility poles, etc. What sets the TerraGo solution apart from simple imagery analysis is our machine learning engine that enables the software to continuously learn and improve over time. 

This technology has the potential to automate planning and verification, accelerate the deployment of public smart city lighting, and provide the foundation for self-healing infrastructure data. The self-healing concept is especially important. In the past, surveys would be performed and over time the data quality would erode with every single modification to the streetlights inventory – repairs, new poles, new luminaires, etc. When cities and utilities use the TerraGo StreetlightOps platform, the field crew instantly captures streetlight infrastructure changes over time, and the data is updated directly from the field crew mobile apps to all the systems that require this data, including GIS, asset management, billing, work orders and more. So your next streetlight survey will not only be automated – but it will also be the last streetlight survey you ever have to do.

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