urbanconnect is a smart street lighting operations platform that accelerates full lifecycle savings and lowers ongoing operations and maintenance costs. Powered by TerraGo, urbanconnect provides integrated planning, inventory, installation, work order and maintenance modules that transform streetlighting operations at every stage.

urbanmaster makes your lights work smarter.
urbanconnect makes your people work smarter.

If you want to transform your operations, reduce site visits, improve service levels and lower costs, you need urbanconnect. Connect with us so we can show you how over 2.5 million streetlights are being managed and maintained more efficiently than ever, in ways never before possible.

urbanconnect Product Architecture

More than a plug-in to your lighting CMS, urbanconnect integrates all your back-office systems so field crews can tap into on-demand features and data, accessing and updating all your systems on their phones and tablets including CMS, GIS, billing, asset management, work orders and more. 


Success starts with a plan. And that plan requires good
data. But streetlight GIS data is often full of issues (lights in
rivers, missing lights, wrong luminaires, etc.). This module is
optimized for rapid, accurate streetlight field audits and
lighting surveys. Best of all, your urbanconnect apps will
automatically update your GIS and other back office
systems as part of daily operations so your GIS data never
goes bad again.


You need to manage vendor supply chains to meet
deployment schedules. You need to track crews checking
out and checking in controllers, luminaires and more. You
need to manage the full custody of cyber assets. You need
to manage returns to manufacturers, warranties and secure
disposition. You need urbanconnect’s inventory module.


Deployment speed accelerates smart lighting benefits
including energy savings. Every failure or delay costs
money. The installation module is optimized for
automation, error prevention and efficiency. Built-in quality
control, including proximity detection, QR code scans and
data validation, means more installations per crew per day.


The maintenance module provides step-by-step,
data-driven diagnostic workflows so issues get
fixed correctly on the first site visit. Crews can control lights from a mobile device to confirm outage locations, test
and adjust dimming settings, view meter readings, read failure reports and update outage status directly on mobile app.

Work Orders

The work orders modules enables a customer to perform
full work order management from within TerraGo or
seamlessly integrate with an existing enterprise platform.
With advanced algorithms, this module consolidates work
orders from CMS-generated alarms and citizen requests,
eliminates redundant work orders, combines related
requests, organizes ticket sequences and optimizes crew
routes for efficiency. The module automates crew
notifications and reduces field dispatch dependencies
enabling crews to work and close tickets independently.

iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service)

iPaaS provides a simple way to develop,
maintain and monitor all data flows and API
integrations to make sure all of the data is in
sync between the field, ops center and back
end enterprise systems.

AaaS (Analytics as a Service)

AaaS delivers custom dashboards, progress reports and
actionable intelligence fused from multi-platform data
sets and is tailored specifically to your operations and
objectives. From planning to deployment and
maintenance, AaaS provides the insights you need to
drive performance, accelerate savings and lower
expenses at every stage.

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