Unleash Your Geo With Lucas!

Unleash Your Geo With Lucas!

My name is Lucas, a postgraduate student in environmental economics, and as of last week, intern at TerraGo Technologies. During my studies I was fortunate enough to work on numerous geospatial projects, abroad, as well as in my home country of the Netherlands. While consulting for a project in Austria, I worked on the spatial integration of renewable energy sources within a tourist-driven landscape. Providing in the need for renewables, while visually obstructing the landscape as little as possible, ensured that we delivered a tailored solution for the municipality of Salzburg.

I vividly remember the tedious tasks, from measuring slopes in the field to walking around the perimeter of research locations with a step counter. While learning about the GeoPDF products and the solutions they provide, I couldn’t help but wonder how much easier our life would have been had I heard of TerraGo back then. The amount of time it would have saved us!

Using the free GeoPDF Toolbar, I was able to obtain more insights from a georeferenced map in a few hours than I would have been able to in multiple days of field work. Since the toolbar operates in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you don’t even need a working internet connection to do so. Using the toolbar, I was able to obtain coordinates, and both 3D elevation- and bearing on a map in seconds. Measuring distances and angles between points and areas is also easily done with the GeoMeasure tool. These features would have allowed me to gain far greater insights about the mountainous study locations in my project. Imagine being able to skip the manual measurements and instead going straight to solution finding!

Since the map I used was from the free to download GeoPDF Gallery, and all maps on there are GeoMark enabled, there are some added functions that I could perform. One of these is being able to add points, polylines and polygons to my map. The GeoMarks I add to my map can then be exported through the Peer-to-Peer Collaboration tool. Since we all know how valuable time is lost when people are not on the same page, these tools allows a team of researchers to consult as efficiently as possible, using only free software.

I am excited to continue showing you all the projects I work on, until next week! Unleash your Geo with me!