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TerraGo Streetlights

The Fast, Field-Proven Solution For Your Streetlight Projects

Use out-of-the-box, award-winning streetlight features customized for your unique project, workflow and branding requirements. Fully-integrated with CMS, GIS, asset management platforms and more, TerraGo Streetlights is the smart choice for your next streetlight project.

Features that Light Up your Projects

Terrago Streetlights helps accelerate timelines and improve results at every stage. 


Build a Plan

for multiphase LED and Networked Lightning Controller ( NLC ) projects


Deploy Faster

to achieve rollout targets, reduce O&M costs and accelerate energy savings


Reduce Truck Rolls

with apps that help install, maintain, diagnose and repair assets


Break Down Silos

to sync data across CMS, GIS, asset management and back office systems


Put Control in the Hands

that need it most so crews can turn on, cycle and control lights


See Metrics that Drive Performance

with program status, work orders and crew dashboards


Manage Full Chain of Custody

and track assets from manufacturers through full lifecycle


Customize Mobile Workflows

to reduce task times, maximize productivity and eliminate errors

Smart Cities Connect Webinar

An Integrated Approach to Smart Streetlight Deployment & Management: Lessons Learned from London, Chicago & More

Work Faster and Smarter

Real-Time, Error-Free Light Commissioning and Maintenance

Field crews can instantly scan nodes to trigger streetlight commissioning with automation features and validation rules to make sure they get it done fast AND right – the first time.

Full-Lifecycle Management

From investment-grade audits, to inventory, commissioning and ongoing maintenance, with all the data and performance metrics you need, TerraGo Streelights helps you keep projects on-time and systems on-line.

Stop Re-Rolling Trucks And Start Solving Problems On-the-Spot

Real-time control lets crews turn on or cycle lights, directly from any phone or tablet. With failure reports, meter readings and control at their fingertips, crews are guided through diagnostic workflows get issues fixed on the spot and PREVENT REPEAT VISITS

Customer-Proven Return on Investment

Get Work Done Faster: Perform installation and maintenance task orders faster with less resources Complete Projects Sooner: Accelerate energy savings with schedule compression
“TerraGo mobile application is especially useful in accelerating energy savings and other benefits to our communities,”

Shay Bahramirad,
Vice President, Engineering and Smart Grid, ComEd

Calculating the ROI of TerraGo Streetlights

A customer with 10,000 streetlights saved over $2 million. 

Find out how much you can save.

Proven Features. Your Workflow. Customizable by Design.

Configurable workflows gives your mobile users the most efficient, intelligent questionnaire possible to meet your requirements. Minimize data entry steps. Reduce task times. Maximize worker productivity.

Find the Insights that Drive Performance

Configurable dashboards for quick and easy access to monitor program status, installations, work orders, failures and exceptions

Track installation progress and maintenance crew performance against KPIs; identify trends, implement enhancements and optimize workflows.

Award-Winning Results for Our Customers and Partners