Matrix Design Group

Quick Summary

Matrix Design Group (Matrix) is a nationally recognized, award-winning multidisciplinary consulting firm with a stand-alone GIS department that oversees a variety of projects, from planning and government consulting, to engineering and water resource management. The key to its success, Matrix’s projects are managed by individuals grounded in multidisciplinary expertise and integrated thought for a clear understanding of these relationships and their hierarchy. The Director of the GIS department, Chris Martin, says they have been using GeoPDF for over 10 years to provide clients with their state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Using flattened and hard-to-control PDFs 
  • Data-driven, layered deliverables required by clients such as Mile High Flood District 
  • Need to increase transparency throughout their consulting processes
  • Layered, interactive, compact GeoPDFs  
  • Ability to transparently showcase every piece of the puzzle to clients
  • Hyperlink-accessible maps allow for greater public awareness of the project’s impact
  • GeoPDFs greatly improved information-sharing process 
  • Matrix is able to exceed client expectations with easily accessible, detailed maps
  • Effective trust-building to the wider public

The Challenge

Among many other things, Matrix supports municipalities across the U.S. with planning and water resource management. One of the challenges their GIS department faced had to do with the way transparent layers were rendered into a PDF when exporting from ArcGIS Pro. These layers were flattened into the underlying aerial, making independent control of those layers impossible. In an effort to collaborate with the Mile High Flood District, Matrix noticed that one of the requirements for their hydrology maps was that they should be layered, data-driven PDFs that are hyperlink accessible. This is where Matrix realized they needed to make a change.

“It is impossible for us to meet some of the requirements of our clients without GeoPDF. 

– Chris Martin, Director, GIS Department, MDG 

The Solution

TerraGo’s GeoPDF technology allows Matrix to create layered PDFs that are not flattened and can easily be labelled and controlled by end users. This newfound capability allows Matrix to create highly customized interactive maps, that are not only visually stunning, but also highly informative. By providing their clients with GeoPDFs, Matrix delivers maps containing layers of the storm drain in an area, zoning regulations, soils, and much more. Choosing GeoPDF as a solution lets their clients see every piece of the puzzle Matrix used throughout the process. These interactive maps empower their clients to make informed decisions, leading to better outcomes and more successful projects.

The Results

Using GeoPDF technology, Matrix has revolutionized the way they share information with clients, providing them with high-quality and easily accessible maps that include detailed layers of information. This not only meets but exceeds their client’s expectations, giving them a clearer understanding of the entire process. Moreover, the ability to reduce the file size significantly without losing clarity is remarkable, allowing Matrix to make their work publicly available, ensuring transparency and building trust. The use of GeoPDF technology has also provided exceptional returns, making it a valuable investment for the company.