Back to the Future

Back to the Future

The latest feature in TerraGo’s GeoPDF product line enables end users to view the past, current and even future conditions for any area of interest. GIS users can add interactive time-series visualization to maps and imagery that can be shared with non-GIS users, i.e. anyone, because you don’t need a software license or an online subscription to interact with time-enabled GeoPDFs.

GIS professionals produce amazing work products that convey important issues or reveal valuable answers, but too often they end up relegated to flat, static images in a powerpoint or worse. And that’s especially a shame if you’ve ever seen a time lapse of geographic changes; for example, coastal populations impacted by rising sea levels, satellite imagery of rogue nation nuclear weapon facilities or the recovery efforts for a hurricane disaster zone, to name just a few.

This new feature adds another valuable tool that helps GIS professionals extend the power of GIS to the widest audience possible, by sharing “GIS-lite” features with universal free software. In this case, TerraGo Publisher exports a single page layout with specialized PDF layers and a bookmark that are similar to the Esri ArcMap® ability to view individual time stamps or view animations of a series of time stamps. Like any GeoPDF, the time-enabled GeoPDF requires no more than Adobe Reader and our toolbar for full access to all the features.

To see the new Time-Series Visualization feature in action, check out this on-demand demo.

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